Bern Rollins Helmet

  • Claimed Weight: 1 lb 1 oz
  • Fit Adjustment: Crank Fit
  • Ventilation: Stealth Slider
  • Impact Foam: Zip Mold hard foam
  • Shell Material: ABS Hard Shell

Crashing is part of riding, which makes a solid helmet as key as a good board. Bern’s Rollins Helmet serves up quality dome protection in a sleek, low-profile package that’s made possible by Bern’s Zip Mold foam-injection technology and the thin ABS Hard Shell. The micro-adjustable Crank Fit system cinches the whole package down snugly on your head, while the set-it-and-forget-it Stealth Slide vents make sure your skull doesn’t get too toasty. The wireless-audio-ready liner makes it easy to dial up your favorite shredding playlist without fussing with wires.

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