Fox Head Flight Sport Trail Bike Helmet

  • SIZING – Available in sizes Small (20 – 21 in), Medium (21 – 23 in), and Large (23 – 24 in)
  • SAFETY – Specially designed with the dirt jump aficionado in mind, The Flight Sport pairs a single density EPS core with a durable ABS exterior to give you the protection you need without weighing you down.
  • STAY COOL – The Flight Sport Hardshell features 8 Big Bore vents, increasing airflow while you ride to keep you cool.
  • STAY COMFORTABLE – The heat sealed comfort liner gives off a clean look and feels great when the helmet is on.
  • USE – Fox developed the Flight Sport with dirt jumpers in mind, but it can be used for so much more. Wear it everywhere- during leisurely park rides, long days dirt jumping, or even on hard, adrenaline filled trail rides; this helmet can stand up to whatever you throw at it. Life is short, go wild!

Elevate your dirt jumping to the next level with the Flight Sport Bike Helmet by Fox. Designed with the dirt jumper and trail rider in mind, Fox has found a way to combine the unmatched protection and comfort you need into one, remarkable helmet. The thin ABS shell and single density EPS liner work together to give you the perfect amount of protection without all the bulk. 8 Big Bore vents provide increased airflow, reducing the risk of overheating and keeping you comfortable. From exhilarating trail rides to catching big air off a jump, the Flight Sport will ensure that no matter what, you ride on. Available in sizes Small (20 – 21 in), Medium (21 – 23 in), and Large (23 – 24 in).

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